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What does Carers Direct do?

Carers Direct acts as an introducer for care seekers to find compassionate carers, direct via an online platform. The platform helps the care seeker to identify carers in your area who you think may be a good match for your care needs. Once you have registered you are free to find a match and communicate directly with the carer.

How do I know what care I or my loved one need?

If you or your loved one has a need for care, you can request a care and support needs assessment from your local health authority’s Adult Social Services department.

How do I search for carers that suit my needs?

Enter your postcode and we identify high quality carers in your local area based on your needs, location and preferences. Q.I cannot find a carer in my area. Currently we only serve particular areas of the UK. This is quickly changing and would welcome you back to check if we are currently serving your area.

What is the difference between Carers Direct and a traditional care agency?

Carers Direct is an introductory service matching care seekers with experienced and compassionate carers in their local community. As we are not a care agency, we do not direct or manage care.

How long can the visits be?

Carers Direct supports a minimum of one hour visits.

Who chooses my carer?

The choice is yours, we supply the nearest available carers to your home postcode. However, should you require any assistance, we would be delighted to help and recommend.

Can I employ more than one carer at the same time?

Yes, If you need a carer for different times of the day or week, you may need to find additional carers who are able to work at different times. Equally, you may have a carer who is taking leave and you can arrange a short term contract with another carer to cover this period.

Are all carers insured?

We recommend that all carers take out personal liability insurance, however this is not statutory. If the client requires the carer to have personal liability insurance we will ensure that the carer has a policy prior to delivering care.

How do I pay for care and when do I pay?

Carers Direct operates a secure online payment gateway facility that holds the payment in a secure third party account. Payment is provided to the carer after they have delivered the agreed care with you. Payment is required before any contract commences and is via credit/debit card only. For ongoing contracts payment is taken in advance every Monday and is held in the secure account.

What will the carer be paid?

The carer will be paid the rate on their profile less 20% (inc VAT) commission on an ongoing basis for the duration of the contract and any further contract with the carer.

Is there a minimum contract length?

No, there is no minimum, you can book a carer for a one- off job for a few hours or days or alternatively arrange an ongoing contract. An ongoing contract can be cancelled with two weeks notice. If cancelling a single care visit, please give the carer a minimum of 24 hours notice.

Can I pay my carer direct by cheque or cash?

No, this is not possible and is in breach of our terms and conditions. All payments go via our contracted secure payment gateway provider – Stripe. Payment from clients is held securely until care has been provided and released to the carer after the care has been delivered. The payment system used is secure and accessible from anywhere for a family member or relative to pay. If you do pay for care outside of the contract we will be forced to suspend any further care and the carer will be suspended from the Carers Direct platform.

What if I am not satisfied with my carer?

We recommend that you contact support at Carers Direct as soon as possible. We will try and resolve any problem you may have. We pride ourselves in our compassionate carers who provide a first-class service and we take any allegations of incompetence, punctuality, dishonesty, poor communication and poor care very seriously and will take the necessary action required. As a client, you have to decide whether the carer has breached the contract and if you would like us to examine the dispute, we will require necessary evidence from you in order to take the necessary action with the carer.

How do Carers Direct carry out checks and vet carers?

All carers have to upload photo identification, DBS certificates and training qualifications. We then carry out interviews to establish whether the carer is suitable for the Carers Direct platform. We assess each and every carer covering a number of skills:- Communication, Compassion, Honesty, Punctuality and overall Presentation. We receive numerous requests for carers to join the Carers Direct platform, however we try and employ only the best and as a result there is considerable numbers of applications that we don’t accept.

Do Carers Direct have to be registered with (CQC) Care Quality Commission?

No, due to the fact that we are just an introduction agency and we do not deliver care to clients. The carers that are registered on the Carers Direct platform are self-employed and they do not need to be registered with CQC.

Can I cancel or amend a contract?

You may can cancel or amend a contract at any time. If you are booking for a defined time period of less than a month, you are committed to paying that amount unless exceptional circumstances have occurred. You can amend your contract, you will need to advise the carer. We will look at each request on a case by case basis. Please note, you are party to a contract with the carer and if there is no reasonable reason given for ending the contract prematurely, you would be in breach of that contract and the carer would be entitled to full payment. All cancellations must be submitted by email to and

What if there is a dispute with the carer?

If there is reason to believe the carer has not fulfilled their duties or there are any other concerns, you can dispute. Carers Direct will look at each dispute on a case by case basis and try to resolve the matter fairly. A carer also has the ability to dispute a contract in case they believe they have reason to.

Is it possible to book a carer last minute or for the same day?

It is advised to book in advance where possible to ensure you are able to find an available carer in your area. However it may be possible to book last minute.

What should I do if my Carers Direct is ill, taking holiday and is not available?

We advise all carers to communicate directly with their clients in advance if they are planning on taking any holiday, or as soon as possible if they are feeling unwell or there is any other reason why they may have a cancel a visit.

Are live-in carers entitled to any breaks?

Yes, any type of worker, regardless of contract type, need to take appropriate breaks. It is up to you and your carers to decide what break schedule will work best, and how they can be taken and how it works for you or your loved one.

What are the Carers Direct’s bank holiday rates?

Unless you have negotiated otherwise directly with your Carers Direct, bank holiday rates will be processed at our recommended multiplier of 1.5 x the usual rates. These will be automatically calculated on your in your online portal.

Are there any upfront or hidden fees?

There are no hidden or upfront fees or charges. You can register for free with no obligation to purchase.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We only accept all credit and debit cards. Unfortunately, we are not able to accept payments by direct debit, PayPal, cheque, cash or bank transfer.

Do you accept direct payments?

Yes, we do accept direct payments, however those payments would need to be made by credit or debit card.

Who is responsible for paying carers taxes & National Insurance contributions?

Who is responsible for paying carers taxes & National Insurance contributions?

Do I have to cover the carers travel expenses?

As you contract directly with the self- employed carers, it is up to you and them to decide whether travel expenses will be charge or not.

Do Carers Direct provide the carers references?

As part of our application and vetting process, we collect two references for every carer. However under Data Protection, we are unable to share these with you.

How do you protect my privacy?

Privacy is extremely important to us. We take all necessary steps to abide by the laws of The Data Protection Act 1998, keeping your information safe and secure.

What are your customer service opening hours?

We are available by phone on Monday to Friday 9am -6pm Alternatively, you can e-mail us:-